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ThermoPRIM is a breakthrough world novelty – thin-walled, heat-insulating, fireproof and anti-mold ecological plaster . It is the only product of this type on the market because only our material contains a new kind of world-unique silicate beads and a unique silicate binder . Thanks to them they have exceptional features.

ThermoPRIM FIX is a penetration that serves to prepare the underlying surface for the ThermoPRIM plaster . It offers a more efficient ThermoPRIM system. It is designed for all silicate paints and plasters on facades and interiors. ThermoPRIM FIX strengthens the substrate and unifies its absorbency. Thanks to its perfect vapor permeability, the water vapor passes through masonry, which significantly increases the life of the plaster. It also increases the adhesion of plasters to mineral substrates and supports the formation of chemical bonds by which ThermoPRIM binds to this type of substrate.

ThermoPRIM COLOR is a high quality silicate paint color for external and internal use. Our building system for fireproof and vapor-permeable materials ThermoPRIM POLYS and ThermoPRIM plaster is a great addition.

It is a long- lasting color (up to 20 years), the color quality does not change even with intense UV exposure, which is critical for using ThermoPRIM COLOR as a fa├žade paint. It is produced in white in a few degrees of white and is further supplemented with colored pastes, which make it very easy to tint.

ThermoPRIM POLYS is a breakthrough in building insulation. It is a unique type of polystyrene insulation, which is thermally stable and non-combustible and meets very strict fire regulations today. It is vapor-permeable and will ensure that your house penetrates vapors and prevents the formation of mold . It is super hard and dimensionally stable and flexible . At the same time it retains good properties of polystyrene, it has excellent thermal insulation properties, it is very light , durable . Made in mixture and in the form of tiles.

ThermoPRIM + is a unique thin-walled, thermo-reflex and heat-insulating coating with exceptional adhesion to hot surfaces. It has versatile use. ThermoPRIM + reduces heat loss and reduces heat load in industrial plants , thereby improving working conditions. It is a unique material that does not compete for its features and a wide range of uses.

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