Innovative, shrink-free light sealing agent. Easy to apply, for dust-free patching and smoothing. Great adhesion to porous surfaces, such as gypsum plasters, traditional renders (cements, cement-lime, etc.), wood and wood derivatives, and plasterboard substrates. Recommended for sealing drywall partitioning. For indoor use.

For drywall joints, patching and smoothing cracks, repairing scratches on walls and ceilings, wall panels and suspended ceilings. The product can be used for masking bolt and screw heads on suspended ceilings or drywalls. Coating and further work possible after 20 minutes.

Additional information

Available packaging size

310 ml



Number of coats


aprox. 18 m of 4×4 mm joint

Drying time

coating possible after 20 minutes

 Application method

 Application temperature

From +5°C to 30°C


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