Sealants & Adhesives

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Sealants & Adhesives

Innovation is the key

LAKMA is one of the top Polish producers of construction and household chemicals. Our range includes a wide range of up-to-date and ecological products of top quality. Our chemicals full both Polish and European standards while maintaining competitive prices.

Sealants are one of the six categories of construction chemicals produced by our company. Our long-standing experience in this business sector combined, with innovative solutions and custom-made production processes results in a wide and varied product offer.

We value and promote inventiveness as well as the consistent top quality of our products. As well as from doing business only with renowned Western chemical companies, our company invests in its own research and development work.

Customers’ needs come first

The needs and opinions of our customers are, for us, the most crucial factor in the decision-making process. We shape our product range to full your expectations. We manufacture our products for contractors offering building and refurbishing services as well as individuals using construction chemicals for their own household needs.

Sealants are a group of products which often provide the finishing touches to work. It is necessary for them to be efficient and durable. These are the principal features we like to focus on during constant modification and refinement of our chemicals. We also make sure our products are easy to use, safe and ecological.

Our range consists of a wide range of sealing compounds: sili- cones, polyurethane foams, adhesives, acrylics and additional construction chemicals as well as any tools and accessories for using them.

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