Stone Carpet

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This is a triple-component system consisting of a mixture of visible gravel and sand bound using a special epoxide system and suitable for use in the interior and exterior. This material is a mixture of natural stone and bitumen. This combination of stone and bitumen guarantees the high strength of the surface, its colour stability and maximum weather resistance.

Mixing bitumen with natural stone results in a mixture the properties of which guarantee simple application, high surface strength, colour stability and maximum weather resistance.
This material is used as a final surface layer for paved areas. For example balconies, terraces, the area surrounding swimming pools, stairs, entrances, pavements, courtyards, parking places, floors in rooms, and possibly other paved areas.

It is also very suitable for modification of or repairs to paved surfaces. It enables application without complicated modification of existing substrates.
It can be used in the interior and exterior and in damp environments. The UNIVERBAU STONE application system guarantees perfect application practically anywhere.

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stone carpet