Thermal Installation

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Thermal Installation

High quality of LAKMA products is a result of cutting- edge manufacturing technologies. Our company uses an advanced and fully automated production line of wet products. LAKMA state-of-the-art technological facility is the place where we produce water-soluble chemicals, e.g. plasters. The automation of the product line enables the goods to be manufactured immediately, and the newest technologies of dosing ingredients, including pigment colour pastes, guarantees a consistent high quality of products. The automated production line is one of the many investments of LAKMA which influence the speed and quality of customer service. In order to optimize logistics and storage, as well as facilitate product distribution, our company uses the most technologically advanced and fully-automated storage facilities.

The adhesive mortar is used for fastening an insulation layer made of polystyrene foam or mineral wool to the surface. Placing patching adhesive mortar on a built-in thermal insulation should protect against any mechanical damages, water and humidity penetration, and act as a thermal buffer, i.e. block thermal stresses arising from internal weather conditions. LAKMA® TERM adhesives were designed to pass the most comprehensive quality tests, which is certified by national and European technical approvals. Retail outlets will be happy to hear that Syntekol® PSW and Syntekol® Q4 adhesive are very universal, which means you can save on your storage space. Contractors are going to be pleased with the high work comfort, and the final investor will get a safe and durable thermal insulation system which may last even 25 years.

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