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Wood – natural beauty
Forest is a real ecological factory. With natural minerals and solar energy the most outstanding product is created – wood, which, unlike many other gifts of nature is a fully renewable resource, and its production does not have any impact on the environment. As a perfect raw material, wood has thousands of applications – when we look around, we always find it in our surrounding.

Constant popularity of wooden floors, furniture, windows and doors is a proof that not only its utility values are appreciated but also its natural beauty

Products adapted to the expectations
Despite a wide range of new materials on the market, wood is a natural material constantly used. It has unique utility and aesthetic values, so that it does not lose its popularity and is highly valued. For wood to be used and please our eyes for a long time, it is necessary to protect it properly. That is why our offer includes a range of top quality products for wood protection and decoration.

In our offer you will varnish for wood, impregnants, varnish stains and enamels, as well as adhesives, primers and supplementary products. With a wide range of colours we easily adapt our products to your needs.

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